In Any Way You'll Have Me

I can be whoever you wish,
In any way you'll have me.

I will fit into any mind frame,
Like a puppet with muscles,
Moved by the power of your will.

Oh, yes.
In any way you'll have me,
I will answer to your every whim.

In your dreams.

 In reality? I am not who you want me to be, nor who you think I am.
I'm not who anyone thinks I am (and I prefer to regard only to those who actually think). I am constantly changing, growing, evolving. Always in search for a higher ground. I will shake off any definition, as it confines me.

This phoenix is no jailbird.

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תגובה אחת על In Any Way You'll Have Me

  1. Yohay הגיב:

    Fitting yourself into definitions is a real burden.
    No definitions = Freedom.

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